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Dell Client Manager Agent



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  • First Time Run Wizard / Hardware Scanner
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jean de los santos Senior editor

This program has been discontinued.
It is no longer being updated, and you won't be able to obtain it from its original developer.
Dell and Altiris partnered to provide a PC mangement tool for Dell Servers, the software is offered in three versions, a free standard version that offers pc hardware and software inventory, pc health monitoring and multiple bios updates; a commercial (50$) plus version that offers migrate users to a new computer or operating system, image new or re-image existing computers, create, distribute and install software packages and scan computers for detailed operating system and application information and last but not less, a suite version (100$) that includes previous version offerings plus security compliance check,software distribution and licenses tracking,enforce system configuration and software usage policies and hardware diagnostics.

In order to install the program you need to meet the following minimun requirements: A Dell PowerEdge server with 800 MHZ Intel Pentium processor or higher, at least 1 GB RAM, 20 GB free hard drive space running Windows Server 2000 SP1 or 2003 SP3 with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 or 2005


  • Monitor Computers
  • Schedule multiple PCs bios updates
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Migrate user OS or Computer
  • Reimage old or new PCs


  • Version 2.2 only supports Windows server 2000/2003 , those that wants to use server 2008 need to update to 3.0

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